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Fatal Attraction | TA
Sanaa | Kayne

She told herself it would not happen again. After the humiliation that came with stumbling into Murchadh's home, Sanaa swore she was going to limit her drinking to where she wasn't going to be bursting into other dogs' homes, looking for a shoulder to cry on and a warm bed to sleep in. So far she had kept her promise.
But it had been a gruelling day.
They lost a Hunter during a usual quest gone wrong, and Sanaa had watched in horror as their brethren was slaughtered in front of her eyes. Such was to be expected of a hard life - the Hunters were the breath of The Ascended. They provided their fellows the means to live. But to see it was too much for Sanaa.
And then when she had gone to rest, the nightmares returned. Of her killing the beggar. Thinking of her lost family. Zeo. It all rushed back, and before Sanaa knew it she was filling herself with the sangrias Vieste had given her. One turned into two, which turned into four,
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So Hot Today | TA
|| Tanekesh | Kayne ||
Brief Overview; Tanekesh and Kayne have a little conversation, but Kayne ends up wanting more of him. Little does she know that he is disgusted by her. Not that it would change a thing.

The intense light of the sun caught the pale emerald eyes of the dark heathen as she shuffled about under the watchful gaze of Zonje’s sun. A gentle huff escaped her charcoal maw as her gaze turned once again towards her ‘guardian’ for the day. This one was unlike most. Ruthless and extremely vigilant. Not once did they present her with the opportunity to escape the harsh rays that fell from above. It was rather frustrating, she actually had to do the work she was assigned. Just rediculous.
Deciding that the day was simply not worth a beating as the sun began setting long ago, so the heat would soon subside. It hardly gave her enough time to start mischief if she were to escape. Instead, her gaze returned to the
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Not Today
| Sanaa || Kuerr |

Zonje's gaze had barely risen over the peaks in the distance when Sanaa found herself strolling to the training arena. Today she would be continuing her laps before seeking out one of the warriors about proposing combat training. The opportunity to advance to being a hunter was so close, Sanaa could just taste it. But she wanted to ensure her body, now becoming more lean and muscular than it had been, was in tip top shape for the tasks asked of her.
Even though the sun had yet to be full in the sky, Sanaa could already feel the impending heat of the day. She judged it to be another very hot day, one that might see her retreat either to the shades of the trees, the Temple, or her home. If it were to be this hot, Sanaa had doubt she could even muster the energy for sparring later.
When she arrived, there were a few dogs about, stretching themselves to get ready for their intense workout for the day. Sanaa smiled to herself
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Touch Me Like That | Kayne by InfernoCanine Touch Me Like That | Kayne :iconinfernocanine:InfernoCanine 4 11 Making A Splash by InfernoCanine Making A Splash :iconinfernocanine:InfernoCanine 16 2
Date With The Devil
|| Marta | Kayne ||

Pale emerald eyes washed over the dark heathen’s surroundings. The slight scowl that decorated her muzzle portraying the disdain she felt for the task she was forced to complete. Her gaze returned to that of the polished floor of the temple, doubting that her 'guardian' for the day would ever look away long enough for her to slink away.
With a not so gentle huff, she returned to the cleaning of the temple. A task she felt, she performed many times over. A task that only ever required half a brain cell and for a dog with more, she was understandable irritable. Once again, her pale orbs roamed over her surroundings until they locked onto another form. Another slave. Kayne was never one interested in the lower ranks as they could not help her escape the armpit of society, but perhaps they could make her stay quite tolerable.
The white form reminded her slightly of her own family, the sloped back and the proud stan
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Commission | Fallenraen by InfernoCanine Commission | Fallenraen :iconinfernocanine:InfernoCanine 4 8 Think Fast! by InfernoCanine Think Fast! :iconinfernocanine:InfernoCanine 8 4
There's Always Something To Lose
|| Ra | Kayne ||

With a deep inhale, the dark heathen rose her head from her duties. Suddenly sick of working amongst those of her rank. A gentle turn of her head revealed that her ‘guardian’ had their gaze locked on her. She forced her previously captured breath from her nostrils. It looks like the scoundrel had learnt their lesson from last time she snuck off.
Her pale gaze narrowed into a glare at the dog before she turned her attention back to her duties. A heavy sigh heaving itself from her lungs. Though her entire attention was not on what she was doing. It was on the dog that was watching over her. Should they turn their attention from her she would take the opportunity and go for a wonder around the following.
Once again pausing from her work at the temple she turned her pale emerald gaze towards her surroundings. Since she actually stuck around today, not by her own choice, the cleaning had actually gotten done quite q
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Are You Game? | Kayne by InfernoCanine Are You Game? | Kayne :iconinfernocanine:InfernoCanine 12 12
Party for Two
 Kuerr peeked his bald head from the comforting shade of his newly acquired den. He had been awake for hours, but the sunburn from his days spent out in the desert had prevented him from exploring whilst the sun was still hanging dangerously high in the pale blue sky. Deciding that there was minimal danger, mainly because he was sick and tired of being cooped up inside the den, he took a bold step outside. The hot sand warming his pads slightly, the familiar sensation was more than welcomed. It had been far too long since he had felt the familiar stinging sensation, and he nearly missed it.
 With his head held high, he made his way through the Following. His destination already decided in his mind. He was to go to the Temple of Zonje. He was mainly just curious as to what their station of worship looked like. As with his old pack it was mainly just a small statue or idol that pups said their prayers to at night.
 It didn’t take him long to reach the Te
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Hey guys XD
I don't mind if you call me by any abbreviation of my DA username. I am a casual artist, its my hobby. I mostly draw animals, specifically dogs and horses. Everything else is a bit of a challenge. Also, I am partially colour blind so please be patient XD
I live at home with my amazing family and assortment of pets. This includes my gorgeous staffy Sasha, my grumpy Guinea Pigs (or GG's) Coda and Kenai, and last but definately not least is Mr. Grumpy-Gills himself (aka Napolian) a fighting fish.
I am pretty friendly, so if you would like a chat just send me a note. c:
Also, while I've got your attention... go check out these fabulous human beings, they are literally art goals...
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