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Are You Game? | Kayne by InfernoCanine Are You Game? | Kayne :iconinfernocanine:InfernoCanine 10 7
Party for Two
 Kuerr peeked his bald head from the comforting shade of his newly acquired den. He had been awake for hours, but the sunburn from his days spent out in the desert had prevented him from exploring whilst the sun was still hanging dangerously high in the pale blue sky. Deciding that there was minimal danger, mainly because he was sick and tired of being cooped up inside the den, he took a bold step outside. The hot sand warming his pads slightly, the familiar sensation was more than welcomed. It had been far too long since he had felt the familiar stinging sensation, and he nearly missed it.
 With his head held high, he made his way through the Following. His destination already decided in his mind. He was to go to the Temple of Zonje. He was mainly just curious as to what their station of worship looked like. As with his old pack it was mainly just a small statue or idol that pups said their prayers to at night.
 It didn’t take him long to reach the Te
:iconinfernocanine:InfernoCanine 2 5
Unwanted Attention

The early morning rays of Zonje’s sun had long since passed over the immense desert that contained the Following. The day was hotter than the last and showed no signs of cooling, not just yet. The gentle crunch of sand under hairless paws was all the male to focus on. The sound similar to the steady beat of a drum as he paced his way across the Following to the market place. Usually the bald mutt wouldn’t be out in the open during the midday heat, yet today was the exception. He had a mission. A reason to risk almost certain sunburn. For today, the male was out to retrieve minimal protection against the suns harsh rays as it was all his rank would permit. Not that he minded, anything is better than nothing.
He had been wandering the market place for some time now, feeling rather lost and annoyed. The small dog could feel the sun’s rays burning his smooth, hairless back. A heavy sigh escaped his lips as he manoeuvred his way th
:iconinfernocanine:InfernoCanine 2 3
Kuerr | Tracker by InfernoCanine Kuerr | Tracker :iconinfernocanine:InfernoCanine 6 3 Shush by InfernoCanine Shush :iconinfernocanine:InfernoCanine 7 2 Advanced Hide-and-go-Seek by InfernoCanine Advanced Hide-and-go-Seek :iconinfernocanine:InfernoCanine 4 0 2592 | Descendens Vas Tenebris by InfernoCanine 2592 | Descendens Vas Tenebris :iconinfernocanine:InfernoCanine 4 2
Darkness Descends Within
Pale emerald eyes rose to meet the horizon. A sigh of relief escaping her lips as she observed the pastel hues that reached out to decorate the darkening sky. Another day within the Following had finally come to an end. Kayne would’ve said she was relieved but, let’s be honest, she wasn’t. For she knew that in a few short hours she would be woken to start the same boring and menial tasks that she did today. She may meet a few knew faces but the only ones willing to talk to her were the meek unproven. She could feel her muzzle scrunch in disgust at the mere thought of them. For too long she has pretended to be their friends, for too long she has played this game of ‘legends’ and ‘gods’.
A low growl escaped her lips as she was approached by a dark hooded figure. She assumed it would be the sentry that would lead her and her little heathen posse back to the dusty depths of the slave pit. The snarl she received in return was enough to quieten her r
:iconinfernocanine:InfernoCanine 1 1
Vieste Medallion | BlackMoonKennels by InfernoCanine Vieste Medallion | BlackMoonKennels :iconinfernocanine:InfernoCanine 7 4
What's Cooking?
It was late at night, he knew he shouldn’t leave his den… but he couldn’t help it. His sunburn had finally gotten out of control. It was nothing but never-ending pain, so much so that he found himself constantly reminiscing of the times where he did not have sunburn and how he took it for granted.
He stuck his head from his den, pale eyes searching the following for any sign of movement. When he was certain that it was safe, he boldly stepped from his den. He waited for a moment, as if someone came it would be easier to run into his den if it were closer. When no one came, he assumed it would be safe enough to travel. He had heard of the Shaman’s and what they can do, so it only made sense that he would seek one out.
Trotting across the ascended he eventually found himself within what he assumed to be the Shaman District. He had never travelled he before, as he didn’t feel he needed to. But now that he was here, he could finally admire the mor
:iconinfernocanine:InfernoCanine 1 0
Whose A Good Boy? by InfernoCanine Whose A Good Boy? :iconinfernocanine:InfernoCanine 11 5 Aunora 'Rory' Soviaurn |Trainer by InfernoCanine Aunora 'Rory' Soviaurn |Trainer :iconinfernocanine:InfernoCanine 2 2
Earning the Right of Passage
|| Kuerr | Initiation ||
Kuerr cursed his hairless condition as he wandered through the wasteland under the watchful, yet increasingly irritable, gaze of Zonje’s sun. His back itched and burned as he felt himself practically being cooked alive under the immense heat of mid-day. He cast his pale grey eyes to the sun in a glare. He had never been so long under the sun without adequate protection. Except for that one time when he was a pup. The first time he really noticed the downfall of being without hair. He smiled at the memory, those were much simpler times.
He was so lost in his own thoughts that he didn’t notice the effect of the hot sand under his paws until it felt as though his pads were on fire. With a quietened yelp and a few choice expletives, he performed an odd dance-like motion as to air out his burning paws. His brows narrowed, creasing his forehead as he remembered the oasis from days ago. He could have been happy there, he wouldn’t have had
:iconinfernocanine:InfernoCanine 2 2
Kuerr | TA | Unproven by InfernoCanine Kuerr | TA | Unproven :iconinfernocanine:InfernoCanine 12 12 Seras Medallion | TheDevilsLotus by InfernoCanine Seras Medallion | TheDevilsLotus :iconinfernocanine:InfernoCanine 4 5 ToW |  Raziel | Nereid~Aether Tracker by InfernoCanine ToW | Raziel | Nereid~Aether Tracker :iconinfernocanine:InfernoCanine 1 4


Go Little Bad Girl by wolfprancis2bet Go Little Bad Girl :iconwolfprancis2bet:wolfprancis2bet 3 3
TA: Teacher Teacher
Killian (KJfromColors ) & Kuerr (InfernoCanine )
    Kuerr’s blinked his eyes sleepily, he had finally awoken. He began to sit up when a large yawn stilled his movements, finally with a quick shake, the yawn seemed to have ended. He had a terrible night’s sleep, filled with tossing and turning. That’s when he didn’t wake himself up from lying on his sunburn. But at last he saw the first rays of sunlight gently filter into his den. He rose and stretched out his muscular body, much like a cat. It aided in the releasing of some tension. He then returned to a sitting position, unsure as to what he should do.
    With a sniff, he turned his gaze to the exit of his den. Yes, today would be the perfect
:iconkjfromcolors:KJfromColors 3 0
TA| Just Browsing by Villanelle-Magicka TA| Just Browsing :iconvillanelle-magicka:Villanelle-Magicka 18 13
[TA] Unpleasant Pleasantries

The blinding light of the sun beat down across the Following, bringing light to yet another meaningless day for the dark shepherd mix. She had been left at her post, apparently not needed for the day’s work of cleaning the Following. A disgruntled growl escaped the lips of the dark heathen. Why did they need heathens to clean up the Following? Where the other dogs really that incompetent and disgusting that they could not clean up after themselves?
The restless heathen paced back and forth at her post. The days seemed to draw on and on when you had literally nothing to do. Her pacing quickened as her temper flared. How dare they leave her tied up like she was some animal? At least when she was working she could ditch and walk off to find another means of entertainment, but here she was stuck.
Her tall ear lay flat against her skull, the nub only barely flicking backwards. Her lips twitched upwards in her rage, briefly revealing her pearly white t
:iconthedevilslotus:TheDevilsLotus 2 4
Come, Child... by MinaWolf10 Come, Child... :iconminawolf10:MinaWolf10 17 13 Pinks by FancyRatties Pinks :iconfancyratties:FancyRatties 2 1 That Night | TA by SucioPerro That Night | TA :iconsucioperro:SucioPerro 36 9
Event: The Desert Lotus Festival:.
A certain time of year comes when the Desert Lotuses bloom. As the current Sovereign's favorite flower it is said that when she and the late Bas Basile came to power he dedicated a single day to her and this flower. Unchallenged in beauty and power, she and the flower were one in the same.
Since then, the day has been celebrated as love and power, welcoming all of The Following to wear flowers in their fur and behind their ears, bringing dates and love to the cult and setting aside differences. For a singular day all dogs were equal and loved.  
 EVENT DATE: 22nd - 31st of MAY  
Anyone may participate, in fact, it is highly encouraged!
1. Bring a date, it can be a friend, a romantic interest, a crush, a sibling. Whoever, but you have to ask someone to be your date to the festival, or you at least have to be asked.
2. You will h
:icontheascendedrp:TheAscendedRP 3 16
-Pools of light- Quill by Sargeant-Knoxx -Pools of light- Quill :iconsargeant-knoxx:Sargeant-Knoxx 2 5 Ref | 3996 EB by IndigoCharger Ref | 3996 EB :iconindigocharger:IndigoCharger 3 0 Dessrian vs. Killian by KJfromColors Dessrian vs. Killian :iconkjfromcolors:KJfromColors 4 0 Kilian Temple by KJfromColors Kilian Temple :iconkjfromcolors:KJfromColors 50 33 Balloonutor | Machaera Dente by IndigoCharger Balloonutor | Machaera Dente :iconindigocharger:IndigoCharger 13 10 Balloonutor | Dream Boy by IndigoCharger Balloonutor | Dream Boy :iconindigocharger:IndigoCharger 11 2 LEO from the Dancing Zodiac by AquaSixio LEO from the Dancing Zodiac :iconaquasixio:AquaSixio 5,850 124 2592 | Descendens Vas Tenebris by IndigoCharger 2592 | Descendens Vas Tenebris :iconindigocharger:IndigoCharger 10 0



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Hey guys XD
I don't mind if you call me by any abbreviation of my DA username. I am a casual artist, its my hobby. I mostly draw animals, specifically dogs and horses. Everything else is a bit of a challenge. To be honest, Im probably better at drawing dogs. Also, I am partially colour blind so please be patient XD
I live at home with my amazing family and assortment of pets. This includes my gorgeous staffy Sasha, my grumpy Guinea Pigs (or GG's) Coda and Kenai, and last but definately not least is Mr. Grumpy-Gills himself (aka Napolian) a fighting fish.
I am pretty friendly, so if you would like a chat send me a note or comment.
Also, while I've got your attention... go check out these fabulous human beings, they are literally art goals...
:iconindigocharger: and :iconshifterprincess:


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