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Amongst the Chained
Roleplay for the group :icontheascendedrp:
Killian belongs to KJfromColors 
Kayne belongs to yours truly

 The day had seemed longer than the last, Zonje’s sun slowly began its decent to hide behind the horizon casting a shadowy blanket across the Following. Kayne’s pale emerald gaze flickered upwards to marvel under the pastel hues that decorated the sky, signalling the last few hours before the curfew. Kayne effortlessly rose from her lounging position and sauntered to the length of her lead before she rocked back onto her haunches. Life could get quite uneventful when she was stuck tied to her post for the entire day, not many come to talk with the heathens and those that do usually come to harass them in one way or another.
 With a heavy sigh, she brought her gaze from the sky to happenings around her. She noted that a few lucky slaves had begun to silently filter in and get tied up for the night. She decided to promptly ignore t
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Malicious Intent :iconinfernocanine:InfernoCanine 7 17
Roleplay featuring;
bradachii 's Benji
and my Kayne
for the rp group :icontheascendedrp:
 The bright sun extended its grasp over the desert as day drew on, seemingly longer than the previous day. With the light the sun brought came scorching heat, causing Kayne’s skin to itch and burn under the watchful gaze of her ‘guardian’ for the day. The heat seemed to always target Kayne and her near-black coat, causing her to become more drained than usual and more irritable. She was being led away from her previous duties and towards the temple and its never-ending need to be cleaned. She shuffled along with a few other sel
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Lucian :iconinfernocanine:InfernoCanine 3 2 Kayne | Talk Dirty To Me :iconinfernocanine:InfernoCanine 6 14
The Exchange

Blaine had taken a nap earlier so she'd be more alert after dark. For most of her life she'd spent days asleep to avoid the heat anyhow, so she felt more comfortable once the sun had fallen. Sunset had just ended, and the canine emerged from her den to sniff the night air. Traversing the area, she found herself where the slaves were kept, though she did take a few wrong turns the first time around as she'd never actually been there. Squinting in the dark, she tried to find Kayne without disturbing the other dogs.
Kayne watched silently as the night crept over the desert, providing a welcomed relief from the scorching heat of the sun. Kayne elaborately draped herself over the desert floor, waiting for her night-time visitor. The feeling was unusual, she had had night-time visitors before but none of which wanted information. That and she was still unsure on what to think of the dog in question. Bl
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Kayne | Human time :iconinfernocanine:InfernoCanine 11 11 Kayne | If I were a Rich Girl :iconinfernocanine:InfernoCanine 9 17 Champion Stance :iconinfernocanine:InfernoCanine 3 7
Danger At Every Turn

Ugh, it was one of those days. Every now and then Kayne would run out of tasks to do, and so she and a select few other slaves had a day off, of sorts. During this day, they were to be on their best behaviour and remain tied up where they sleep. That was something Kayne did not enjoy doing. She would rather spend her time off leash doing tasks than being tied up like a common criminal. The sun had risen to a point where it was getting irritably hot for Kayne.
It was with a heavy sigh that she lifted herself off the sand and moved to a shadier area, throwing herself into the cooler sand. Her pale emerald gaze scanning the passer-by’s, attempting to determine if she knew many of them. She had seen a few around before but never met them, never really getting to know them. Her cold judgemental gaze warmed as it landed on a familiar Mastiff-like dog. Her ear’s perked with interest as she rose her head off her paws. It seemed t
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Tundra Meme Anyone? :iconinfernocanine:InfernoCanine 3 8 ToW | Raziel | Nereid~Behemoth :iconinfernocanine:InfernoCanine 24 10 Kayne | TA Ship Meme :iconinfernocanine:InfernoCanine 12 18


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Unholy Tensions

The hot sun bristled down toward the small Following that seemed to grow in numbers day to day. The heat was causing a certain itchiness amongst the dogs, restlessness had started to set in which caused a certain lingering feeling of callousness toward those around them. The days were longer now, and the sun seemed restless as it licked its mighty lips in their direction. 
The sovereign stood very still on days like today, taking in information as her tall ears swiveled to catch bits and pieces of passing conversations. For such a well adorned dog she managed to be within ear shot of some very interesting beats and moments shared between the dogs around her. Her ice cold eyes narrowed on the fountain in front of her as she leaned forward and took a few small laps of water before leaning back onto her haunches and reorganizing her sitting structure. 
Around her the world was passing and moving and buzzing and here she was, taking it all in - manipulat
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Hey guys XD
I don't mind if you call me by any abbreviation of my DA username. I am a casual artist, its my hobby. I mostly draw animals, specifically dogs and horses. Everything else is a bit of a challenge. To be honest, Im probably better at drawing dogs. Also, I am partially colour blind so please be patient XD
I live at home with my amazing family and assortment of pets. This includes my gorgeous staffy Sasha, my one grumpy Guinea Pig (or GG) Coda and Bears [recently deceased], and last but definately not least is Mr. Grumpy-Gills himself (aka Napolian) a fighting fish.
I am pretty friendly, so if you would like a chat send me a note or comment.
Also, while I've got your attention... go check out these fabulous human beings, they are literally art goals...
:iconindigocharger: and :iconshifterprincess:


ToW | Raziel | Nereid~Aether Tracker


Aether Total; 0
Current Level; 0

|| Basic Skills ||

Strength:        /50 
0 Ae. | ???
25 Ae. | ???
50 Ae. | ???
Vitality:           /50
0 Ae. | ???
25 Ae. | ???
50 Ae. | ???

Stamina:         /50
0 Ae. | ???
25 Ae. | ???
50 Ae. | ???

|| Advanced Skills ||

Legacy:                       /100 
25 Ae. | Is eligible to change ranks, or switch herds, may now apply to be a plot head in major group plots.  
50 Ae. | May apply to discover a new skill. 
75 Ae. | May apply to found a new rank within their faction. 
100 Ae. | May apply to be added to their faction's hall of heroes, or may apply to lead a new faction.

(Behemoth):              /100 
25 Ae. | Is allowed an Apprentice, please note the group for available assignments.
50 Ae. | Gifted a free Tattoo set.
75 Ae. | Is given a +2 to any physical offense rolls in an event.
100 Ae. | Gifted a Salamander companion.

Species Skill
(Glamour):   /100 
25 Ae. | Your kelpie can mask their gills and other fish like appendages, but they still have fangs, odd pupils, flora, and show their normal body type.
50 Ae. | Now their body type appears less menacing, hiding even scars.
75 Ae. | Their body flora and fangs are hidden.
100 Ae. | Their odd pupils are hidden, and they radiate beauty.

|| Special Skills ||

Primary Skill (insert name):           /100 
25 Ae. | ???
50 Ae. | ???
75 Ae. | ???
100 Ae. | ???

Secondary Skill
(insert name):       /100 
25 Ae. | ???
50 Ae. | ???
75 Ae. | ???
100 Ae. | ???

|| Gift ||


ToW | Raziel | Nereid~Behemoth


|| Personal Information ||

Full Name: Raziel
Pronunciation: Ra-zeal
Nickname(s): Raz, Razzle Dazzle
(Ol’ Razzle Dazzle)
Faction: Nereid
Status: Feros
Faction Special: Bloodback

Age: 20 (born in the year 225)

Voice Actor: Gwendoline Christie (Brienne of Tarth – Game of Thrones)
Theme Song: Sucker for Pain – Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa and Imagine Dragons
RP Rating: G through to R

|| Appearance Information ||

Eye Colour: Her eyes are darkened grey-black, with coloured irises without the presence of a pupil. Her right eye is blue in colour, whilst her left is green.
Coat Colour:
Chestnut Tobiano, with a white face
28 Hands High
Breed: Kelpie (Shire/Clydesdale/Gypsy Vanner/Vladimir Heavy Draft Mix)
Body Type: Lean Heavy Build
Raziel has a salty smell that is likened the ocean, it is accompanied by undertones of blood.

|| Personality Information ||

Flamboyant | ‘…’
            Raziel tends to attract attention because of her exuberance, confidence and occasional stylishness. Though this isn’t to say that she is over the top. No, she is subtler about her flamboyant nature. Though the more excited she is the more likely it is to show itself and that could make for an interesting conversation, to say the least.

Loyal/Dedicated | ‘Of course. It shall be done.’
            Raziel is unwaveringly loyal to her queen and the herd. She will sacrifice her own mind, body and soul for the sake of the herd. She gives and shows firm and constant support and allegiance to the herd and its queen. Their way of life is the only way of life. No questions. No arguments. What is law must be obeyed and those that dare stray from the Nereid’s path shall be punished with a wrath that only the gods could rival.

Merciless | ‘You’ll get over it… or not.’
            Raziel rarely shows mercy, especially to outsiders. Know that if she does show mercy towards you, you are one step closer to her than you realise. Due to her training, she has become quite bloodthirsty. So, for her to show mercy is practically unheard of. At least it makes her good at her job, right?

Quick Tempered | ‘Excuse Me!?’
            Raziel has quite the temper. Among her people, this would be shown via verbal comments or an eye-roll and if pushed a bite/nip here and there. Among outsiders, this would be shown physically. No questions, no hesitation. So, flashing of the teeth in warning and then attacking the poor innocent soul. She is easy to offend and even quicker to attack if provoked or threatened. She is stubborn and will not back down from confrontation, but not many dare to challenge her (given her ridiculous height and build).

Sarcastic | ‘Oh, Sure. Because we all know how unique and singular you are.’
            Raziel is often uses irony to mock others or convey her contempt. This accompanied by her ability to find humour in inappropriate places has gotten her into many unfortunate situations. Of course, she would never use her sarcasm on the queen, but her fellow behemoths sure. The Ophidian’s get and extra dose of sarcasm from Raziel but this is meant in a friendly manner. Her sense of humour can be viewed as quite sadistic and dry.

Stubborn | ‘I don’t think so…’
            Think you can get this massive brute to do as you wish against her will? Well, think again… that is unless you are the Queen, Kelpie or Baby Yaga. Raziel will refer to this trait as resilient or strong-willed, but it is most definitely stubborn. Once an idea sets into her mind, it must be true. Only cold, hard facts could convince her otherwise and even then, it is just barely. This isn’t to say that she isn’t open minded, as she is. It’s just that she will more often than not do as she believes is right. No questions, no arguments, no discussion.

Drives & Motives: To beat the best, become closer to her queen and live long enough to see Kelpie and Baby Yaga return or an event like it. She would also like to participate in the event that would cause the Unicorns to regret how they treated Kelpie and Baby Yaga. Even though she doesn’t particularly dislike them, she remains a part of the Nereid and they crave vengeance.

|| Character History ||

Raziel’s parents were both descended from long lines of well-respected families, her mother an Ophidian, her father a Behemoth. It was to be the perfect arranged marriage, agreed upon by both her parents. At first, it was difficult for both her parents. Both one wanting the union to work, yet both so naive and unsure of how to make it. They had tried multiple times to create a flora-bond, and each time had failed. That was until they grew more comfortable around each other and soon, love bloomed and their flora-bond finally took hold. They were together for a few years, revelling in their new-found love, before the thought of starting a family even began to dance in their minds. But it inevitably did. As Raziel’s mothers belly began to grow, so did the couple’s happiness.

It was a dark stormy night when Raziel was welcomed into the Nereid. She did not cry as she entered the world of Chevalin, instead she only blinked innocently at those around her. Her large eyes begging them to not betray her trust. Her father looked down on the foal that had nearly the exact same coat as his beloved and made a silent vow to protect her, no matter what the world threw at her. It was in this moment he finally realised that there was more to life than the Nereid and if they so much as threatened his baby girl, he would leave without ever looking back. So taken by his baby girl he hardly noticed the rapid breathing of his mate. Her sudden change in health caused his eyes to snap to her. It was then that he realised that the life was already beginning to leave her body. Shock overwhelmed the stallion as he watched helplessly from the sidelines as his beloved passed from this world. Leaving him with the culprit of her murder. The foal. He wanted to leave it, yet he couldn’t. He wanted to blame it, yet he couldn’t. The internal struggle was too much. After a few days, he palmed the foal off to some family friends and threw himself into his work.

Raziel’s first memories are of this family that she was practically thrown at. Particularly the sympathetic gazes they constantly threw in her direction. She knew that something was up, yet she couldn’t place what. As, for her, this was the normal. Her father often visited her, and it was no secret that he was her father. In fact, over some time the two grew close. It was almost as if he had forgiven her for the death of her mother, not that she knew this, of course. It wasn’t until the father realised just how alike the two were that he considered taking her back. It took a couple months for him to settle on an opinion. She would come and stay with him. At first, Raziel was uncomfortable living with her father as it was clear that he, too, was uncomfortable with the arrangement. But as time passed between them, they once again grew closer. The pain was still there over the loss of Raziel’s mother and even at such a young age she could see the effect it had on her father and so learnt to avoid certain conversations. Soon, they had developed a healthy father-daughter relationship and it was only then that Raziel knew what was so sad about her previous living arrangements. But she refused to let such a small thing get in the way of her happiness.

As a foal, Raziel made friends easy enough and she was rather well liked. Never receiving too much trouble from her fellow Nereid foals. Though there was the odd comment made about her being ‘ugly’. She had later questioned her father over this, and to that he could only respond with a history lesson on Kelpie and Baby Yaga. Raziel absorbed this information like a sponge, falling in love with the idea of the walking gods. But with this lesson said, she still couldn’t understand what made her classified as ‘ugly’. That was until it was explained that the Unicorns had pale coats. Raziel hid her emotions rather poorly. She was internally screaming for being likened to the Unicorns. She wanted to be more like Kelpie and Baby Yaga. It took quite a while for her father to calm her and explain that her beauty would lie elsewhere and her time shouldn’t be spent pitying herself, but rather pitying those who cannot look beyond the surface. It was this thought that carried Raziel through most of her foalhood, or at least until her flora began to grow. Her unique blue coral added an exotic taint to her appearance and gone were the comments of her being sort of ugly. She was now simply confusing to the eye, but she would soon grow out of that as well. During the time where her flora first began to grow, she found beauty in other things rather than just coat colour. The scars and the long luscious manes of the more accomplished Nereid made her want to be just like them. Their battles were painted on their skin and she found the idea… intoxicating, to say the least. She had to be the best.

During her adolescence, she chose the path of Behemoth as she wished to make her father proud. Gone were the days of her being referred to as sort of ugly, she was neither beauty nor was she ugly. She was something in-between and she was perfectly alright with that. Beauty was something only Ophidians could afford. Her focus now lay on her career of choice. Originally, she had wanted to train under her own father, yet she found that he would be rather soft on her and that is no way to become the best. So, she talked it over with him and she had decided to train under a Behemoth of the name Baba-Duke. He was rather small, at least that’s what Raziel thought, and yet when she saw him spar, it never held him back. It was through him that she learnt all manner of things. First, the Nereid shall always come before blood. That was something she struggled with, but the Nereid were her people and she would do her best for them. Second, if you think something makes you disadvantaged, turn it into your advantage. She was confused over this for quite the while. But over time she learnt that it was a form of deceit, as others would observe you and expect that one thing to be your disadvantage and try and take the advantage by utilising it. This means that if it is now your advantage, they would be at your mercy. Third lesson, have no mercy. You must protect the Nereid with your life, nothing less would do. She fell in love with the ways of the Behemoth as she acted as his shadow, absorbing everything he had to teach her. She really looked up to this stallion, and he became a sort of Godfather to her.

Just as she entered her last months of her apprenticeship, her father fell into ill health. She found herself spending less and less time at her apprenticeship and more time at her father’s side. For at that point in time, he needed her the most. He was an older stallion as he and Raziel’s mother got married and had children rather late, and it was simply his time. Though, that did not make things easier on Raziel. She loyally stayed by his side, that was until Baba-Duke told her that she had missed to many training sessions and she needed them if she were to ever become a Behemoth. He was rather harsh towards her, but later explained that if she wanted to continue making her father proud, she would have to train. After all, no one is born the best… except the Queen.

She left, not doubting the advice from her mentor. That was until about half way through a sparring session. She was interrupted by Baba-Duke, he then continued to coldly state that her father’s health had rapidly declined and he had inevitably passed. He allowed her time off for the funeral, but did mention that he expects her to be in good form when they return to their training. Before she left, he did stop her. Only to mention that if she needed anything during this time of grief, to not hesitate and come ask him. As she has no family left, he would care for her until her Coming of Age ceremony. The act of kindness warmed her numb heart. She felt incredibly indebted to this stallion already. However, she refused to dwell on this as she had far more pressing matters to deal with.

Raziel stood motionless in the door-way as she stared at her father’s life-less corpse. A single tear welled in the corner of her eye, not daring to fall. The last of her family, dead. She was all that was left. At this moment, she had never felt more alone in her entire life. She shook herself from her statue-like form, and approached her father. She began to braiding his long hair in an intricate fashion, whilst also remembering to gently place flowers amongst the braid. Then came the time to wrap the body, for this some of her father’s friends came and assisted. He was wrapped delicately in seaweed with a layer of flowers between each layer of seaweed. Four of her father’s strongest friends lifted the wrapped corpse and began the slow and agonising journey to the ocean. Raziel followed closely behind. Once deep enough the four horses released her father’s corpse and watched as it sunk into the depths of the ocean. Raziel remained chest-deep in the ocean, staring at the spot where she last saw her father. She stood there, staring, for what felt like mere seconds before she heard the approach of another equine. A slow turn of her head revealed that it was none-other than Baba-Duke. His eyes turned gentle as he stood beside her, staring out at the ocean as well. The duo stood like this for a while more. Everyone around them had left, returned to their daily duties. But she couldn’t force herself to leave. The rough voice of the Behemoth beside her brought her attention to Baba-Duke, once more.
‘Your father always was, and always will be proud of you… He would want you to know that.’
It was at these words that her tears finally fell.

With the passing of her father, came a time of great grief. One that was only overcome by her sheer desire to be the best Behemoth, only to make her father proud. She returned to her training with a fierce vigour. Her fight was real and she would not be defeated, never again. She fought her opponents with a ferocity that could only be rivalled by the more seasoned Behemoths, and thus she quickly became one of the better Behemoth apprentices. In doing this she not only felt as though she was making her father proud, but also Baba-Duke. For she owed him everything, to make him even slightly proud made her feel marginally better.

Soon, the time came for her Coming of Age ceremony. For most this was a time of great pride, and great honour. Raziel felt honoured and proud, but she also felt as though something was missing. That something was her family. Though Baba-Duke did his best to be a replacement family, it just wasn’t the same. None-the-less, she set out and captured a small Peccary Boar. She returned to the Nereid with it alive, only for it to be sacrifices as a Tithe at dusk. Its blood was then mixed with dried red coral and fire lily until it formed a paint-like substance. Traditionally, this would then be painted on Raziel by her family. But they are all dead, and so that is where Baba-Duke and his family stood in. They adorned her body in intricate patterns with the blood-red paint. There was pride within their eyes, it was like they were family. This though once again warmed her numb heart. Once the painting was complete, Raziel entered the ocean, in the same place they held her father’s funeral. She submerged herself in the water, its cool embrace seemed to be replaced with something more. To her, it was almost like her father was there. She could nearly feel his pride. She felt like they were swimming together, like they used to when she was a mere foal. She swam like this until the paint was well and truly removed from her hide. She realised that she would eventually have to return to the herd, leaving her father behind. But she couldn’t bring herself to, there was no telling whether he would be there when she would next swim. She was not ready for him to leave her again, but inevitably she had to leave. Her tears mixed with the oceans water as she left its depths. When she emerged, she was an adult. She was a Behemoth. She was Nereid.

She worked her hardest as a Behemoth to make a name for herself and eventually her hard work paid off. The only time she lost fights was during her apprenticeship. She trains daily to become the best and her current goal is to be classified under the name of Bondyen. From there, who knows…

|| Other Notes ||

  •  Resting Bitch Face 100%.

  • When she laughs, she snorts. This causes her entire nose to crinkle and her second set of nostrils to nearly close entirely.

  • Even though most Kelpies despise the unicorn race for what happened many years ago, Raziel does not. She dislikes the past generations of unicorns but it willing to hear what the newer generations have to say. From there she will make her judgement.

  • Is not fond of foals.

  • Almost always wears her mane and tail up and off the ground when training or on duty. She loves to try different, yet functional, hairstyles… so feel free to have artistic leeway.

  • Shaves the fluff from her ankles as she feels it gets in the way.

  • Has a fascination with the common horse and pegasi. She finds the common horses simplicity oddly enchanting and when she gazes upon the pegasi she cannot help but feel envious. What she wouldn’t give for the chance to fly.

  • There are only two gods she believes in and that is Kelpie and Baby Yaga. Though as the days stretch by without either of them appearing, Raziel finds herself turning her worship to the queen.

|| Relationships ||

Israffel | Father (Behemoth) – At first their relationship was trying, but throughout the years it grew into one of love, adoration and respect. She would give almost anything to see him one last time.
Gabriel | Mother (Ophidian) – Raziel never knew her mother, only what her father thought of her. This was more than enough for Raziel to unconditionally love the mother she never met.
Name | in-depth relationship paragraph

Parental Rights | Eclipse and Cole

Eclipse | Mother | Australian Shepherd cross Saluki
                -  26 inches tall
                - Inheritable Progressive Blindness

Cole | Father | German Shepherd cross Pakistani Gull Terrier
                - 21 inches tall
                - Recessive Trait, there is potential to inherit and pass on the sloped back trait


Eclipse and Cole had met among the ranks of a roaming desert pack that called themselves the Mandrenese. Their union was frowned upon at the beginning as it was the typical gatherer meets warrior scenario. During their time together in the pack, it had undergone an alpha change. The new alpha was harsh and bloodthirsty. He commanded that the warriors go out and pillage other smaller pack and take everything. Some dogs would be recruited, whilst the rest would be at the mercy of the warriors. It was due to this method that the pack grew larger in size and had trouble sustaining itself. This then caused the alpha to order the culling of all new pups and he forbid the creation of more. However, Cole and Eclipse had just found out they were expecting.

Fearing for the life of their unborn pups, they fled the Mandrenese. Into the wasteland they dove, never looking back. Together they survived on what little they could find and thanked Zonje every time they stumbled across any form of water. They survived like this hoping to cross the path of a more accepting pack. As Eclipse’s stomach swelled they were beginning to become more desperate to find another pack, one that would care for the pups as much as Cole and Eclipse did. But what found them was far worse, it was the Mandrenese.

Naturally Cole lashed out, trying to protect his love and their future. But he was sorely outnumbered, he was the first to fall. The alpha hoped that killing Cole in front of Eclipse would force the abortion of the pups as punishment for leaving the pack. But his plan did not work. Instead he caused Eclipse to try and remove herself from the pack with any means necessary. In order to prevent this, he bound her like one of their slaves until the pups could be born and then the pups would be used to control her.

Parents of
Lolita, owned by EternallyDrunkSmurf 
Liam, owned by IraWolfeh 


‘I will not play the victim, or make myself look pitiful. I will stand and I will deal.’


Date: 19/10/2016

            > Modified: 20/10/2016 - Added mugshot, otherwise known as the headshot. 
            > Modified: 03/01/2017 - Edited relationships.
            > Modified: 23/01/2017 - Changed Ref Image (now includes torn ear) and edited relationships.
= Personal Information =

Full Name: Kayne
Meaning: Fighter
Pronunciation: k-ai-n
Nickname/Alias: open to all nicknames/alias’s, but will let you know if she doesn’t like it.

Rank: Heathen (slave)
Notability: 0
Alignment: Chaotic Good – has own morals that may conflict with society but doesn’t care for rules and regulations.
Horoscope: Scorpio

Voice Actor: Mandy Moore
Theme Song:     ‘you don’t own me’ – Lesley Gore
                          'sexual' - Neiked

= Appearance Information =

Age: 3 years old
Breeds: German Shepherd cross Belgian Shepherd
Sex: Female

Eye Colour: Green
Weight & Height:
23in (58.5cm), 65lb (29.5kg)
Type of Build: Lean and Mean.
Smell: Dirt/Dust mainly, but that is due to her rank and the desert life. If her smell were to be studied, it would be found that under all the dust is the slight smell of something similar to charcoal.

Handicaps/Disabilities: Infertile

= Personality Information =

Overview: Relationships with Kayne are always questionable at best. Kayne is very deep and intense, there is always more than meets the eye. She presents a cool, detached and unemotional air to the world yet lying underneath is tremendous passion, dedication and potential, also a strong will and a persistent drive. Kayne has a very piercing mind and will often ask questions as to better understand/survey the situation. Kayne is very weary of the games that others try to play and in turn has become very good at playing these games herself. She tends to attempt to subtly dominate and control anyone who lets her, or who she views as weak. Those that she respects and holds closely are treated with amazing kindness, loyalty and respect. On the outside, Kayne has a great secretiveness and mystery about her. She feels she needs control to feel safe. Kayne is often sarcastic and finds humour in unexpected/inappropriate places. She always appears to be uptight and never relaxed, but that’s just how she is. When pushed Kayne has a dreadful temper and this is made worse by the fact that she does not know of forgiveness. Kayne is never afraid to say what she thinks, all you have to do is ask, this along with her bluntness has gotten her into more than one sticky situation. Kayne also has her own views as to what she believes to be right or wrong, this has caused her to do some things that others might view to be quite questionable.
Nature: Fiery
Positive Traits; Patient/Devoted/Adaptable/Passionate/Vigilant
Negative Traits; Distrusting/Sarcastic/Rebellious/Unyielding/Manipulative

Optimist or Pessimist:
Kayne is a realist. She cannot fathom how someone can be so naïve to anticipate the best in everything and she cannot see how someone can be so damaged to anticipate the worst. But she will attempt to adapt to the situation she is in to try and make the best out of it, in this way she is more of an optimist as she tries to see the good in her situation.
Introvert or Extrovert:
Kayne is more of an introvert. She dislikes overbearing attention. However, she will not shy away from confrontation if it is something she believes in or is dedicated to.

Drives & Motives: to be the best and to become an authoritive figure who is respected or feared, what’s the difference?
Pet Peeves: Others trying to manipulate her, finding out she has been manipulated, weakness, the feeling of dried mud between her toes, getting called a slave/servant, and looking at her reflection only to see the ‘mark of the heathen’ especially since she hasn’t proven herself yet.

= Stats =
Health Points: 10
Strength: (STR) 10
Dexterity: (DEX) 10
Intelligence: (INT) 10
Wisdom: (WIS) 10
Constitution: (CON) 10

= Background Information =  
Kayne was born into an unforgiving pack, where the weak were ‘disposed’ of and the strong climbed up the ranks. She was raised by her mother, Sonjeh, with her three siblings, Tahn, Jhet and Bsori. Even from a young age she knew that there was something bad about her half-brother Bsori. He was always stalking around the den and picking on the pups when her mother was out hunting with the pack. This caused Tahn, Jhet and Kayne to have a strong family relationship. As soon as they were old enough they stood together against their menace of a half-brother. Little did they know that this would cause more harm than good. Kayne could see Bsori growing more and more angry as the days had past. She didn’t think much of it as he no longer came and bothered herself or her siblings.
Later in life, the three young siblings began to practice fighting with each other. By this stage they were informed of the way the pack works in detail. They were warned that if they were to allow themselves to become weak, they would be eaten by the pack. Together the three siblings grew stronger and stronger until the day finally came where they could participate in the hunt. But for whatever reason the pack only brought one pup with at a time, probably easier to control one than three. Kayne was the first to be taken. She showed extreme promise at such a young age, and it was during this first hunt where she actually met her father, Malice. He was a large intimidating wolf with shaggy fur and scars covering his body. Kayne didn’t really want much to do with him and he seemed to feel the same about her, not that Kayne minded. The hunting party returned to the pack and was greeted by an eerie, solemn air. Everyone seemed to be focused on Kayne which made the pup even more confused, that was until her gaze landed upon Bsori. His lips curled into a sinister grin. Kayne’s eyes narrowed as she quickly returned to where her siblings where kept. That’s when she finally saw what Bsori had done. There in the middle of the plush pelts that held so many of Kayne’s happiest memories lay her sister, Tahn. Her throat was ripped out and her carcass was half eaten, but her brother, Jhet, was nowhere to be seen. Fearing for his life Kayne rocketed to her mother asking where Jhet has gone. Sonjeh just glanced over her shoulder into the depths of the desert before quietly stating that he had run off. Kayne didn’t believe this for a moment. She knew her brother well enough to know that he would never leave his family like that. But what could she do? no-one would listen to anything she had to say. Kayne decided to take things into her own paws.
Finding of her brothers where-about was easy enough. First, she noticed Bsori sneaking off at random/inappropriate times of the day. Then, second, she saw him ‘sneaking’ extra rations back to his den. But no matter how hard she tried all of her plans to free her brother ended up failing, for a start she couldn’t even managed to get into Bsori’s den to determine if her brother was actually in there. It had been a few months and Kayne was beginning to fear that her brother had passed. She knew she was strong enough to take Bsori but she also doubted that her brother would still be in the den. These conflicting views often kept her up at night, fearing for her brother. It didn’t take long for the stress and lack of sleeping to get to her mind. The smallest things would set her off, she ended up winning a few fights against her fellow pack members and, in turn, climbing up the ranks. Soon she had out-ranked her mother, but not Bsori. Not yet. Her power hungry nature eventually won, that aided by the blinding rage she felt for Bsori ended up in a bloody fight triggered by him walking by. The smell of ants and melted fat wafted into her nostrils, it was his smell, it was Bsori. The killer of her sister and kidnapper of her brother. Without any time for a reasonable thought to cross her mind, she lunged at her half-brother. She felt the resistance from her half-brothers hide before it finally gave-way under the pressure of her teeth. However, Bsori was no imbecile and he knew how to react. Before Kayne had known what was happening, Bsori had her pinned to the dirt. His teeth mere inches from her throat. Then he commented about how Kayne was just as pathetic as her sister. This had Kayne seeing red. It was bad enough that he had killed her, now he was gloating about it. Kayne kicked out with her hind legs, throwing Bsori over her head and into the crowd that had gathered. She was quick to right herself and charge at her half-brother. This time she was not conflicted about her actions, her body and mind was a single unit. She would fight to the death to get justice for her siblings. No longer would she fret over what happened to them, no longer would she let this menace go unchecked. Blinded by rage and adrenaline, Kayne found herself unable to recall how she had won the fight. All she knew was that she had killed Bsori and had to free her brother.
Ignoring the praise she was receiving from the pack, she made for Bsori’s den. She would free her brother. Upon entering the den, the smell of death welcomed her, causing chills to spread through her body. She had witnessed her fair share of death but this, this was something entirely different. As she delved deeper into the den, another foul stench touched her nostrils. The smell of stale urine and faeces. This horrific smell instilled a smidgen of hope into Kayne. Perhaps her brother had survived this ordeal. Her eyesight adjusted to the darkness and she spotted a small cage-like area made from stone in the back of the den. Her quite footsteps allowed her to get close enough to finally see who or what was inside.
Disappointment filled her when she saw a feral animal with its hairless back towards her. She let out a sigh, finally alerting it of her presence. The animal spun around, eyes widened with fear until it registered who was standing there. Just as Kayne did. It was her brother. It was Jhet. He was alive. Kayne let out a ‘yip’ of happiness. She could finally save her brother. Without any hesitation she let her brother out of the cage and lead him out to the rest of the pack. Her mother would be so happy to find her son is alive. As they walked into the light Kayne snuck a glanced at her brother and was shocked at what she saw. He was beyond skinny and had untreated wounds all over his body and to top it off, he was practically hairless. She would have to fix that, later. Right know she needed her mother to know that Jhet was alive.
When the duo walked out to where the pack would congregate, they were greeted with narrowed eyes and low growls. Kayne looked to her mother, hoping to find reason for this greeting but instead she found a look of anger on Sonjeh’s face. The packs alpha then stated, “we were hoping to inform you of our packs way tonight, since you have climbed the ranks so well and quickly.” His voice rang with authority, “We only keep one pup from each litter, it is our way. This pup is the strongest and most useful for the pack. It was you who was chosen by your father to be the sole survivor of your litter and the rest were to be dealt with accordingly.” Kayne took a protective stepped between the pack and her brother before voicing that she would not allow them to kill her brother. Than the alpha stood tall and with undoubtable authority in his voice commanded, “I am the alpha, you will listen to me!” At these words something sparked in Kayne, her eyes drifted to her sickly brother before she whispered to him, “I will hold them off, you must run and I promise I will find you.” With that her brother ran and Kayne turned on her own pack. She knew that there was no way that she would be able to defend herself against the entire pack, but she knew that it would give her brother enough time to escape. She had expected to die then and there, but her father stopped the attack with one word. But not before Kayne’s vision grew blurred and the darkness welcomed her.
Kayne awoke with a start, all aware that she should be dead. But instead she lay on the plush furs of her childhood with a freshly caught meal beside her. Confusion swept over her as she glanced around her mother’s den. She was all alone and not in a cage. Sniffing cautiously at the provided meal she decided not to eat it, against her stomachs best wishes. She feared that the pack had done something to it. She attempted to get up, but her injuries from the attack prevented her. She couldn’t help but think that that is why they didn’t worry about caging her. She lay there until the sun began to set, fretting over whether or not they had managed to capture her brother again. That was until her father had walked in. In her entire lifetime she cannot remember her father coming into her mother’s den, or him even wanting to be near herself or her siblings. Unable to move she lay there staring at him with her eyebrows knitted together. She was less than pleased. Malice stopped when he was half-way across the den, he opened his mouth as though he was about to say something before he closed it. Kayne couldn’t help but interrupt, “Well, what are you waiting for? Here, let me help…” she lowered her voice to mock her fathers and continued, “’You have disappointed me and the pack. The penalty will be death. Blah blah blah.’” She returned her voice too normal, “I know the rules of this pack. I was raised here after all.” She rolled her eyes at her father’s dumbfounded expression and studied the floor of the den. She was in no mood to be tormented by feelings.
Malice cleared his throat, drawing Kayne’s attention back to him. It was apparent he still had something to say, “You are not wrong, the pack is calling for your blood. But I will not see you torn apart and eaten. Believe it or not, I cared about you and your siblings…” seeing the disinterest in his daughter’s eyes Malice temporarily paused, “I can sneak you to the border of the territory, but from there you will be on your own.” Kayne’s eyes narrowed at his words before she challenged him, “and how exactly am I supposed to get there? I cannot even stand let alone walk and I will not be leaving without Jhet.” An irritated expression washed over her father’s face before it was replaced with his signature emotionless mask. He then retaliated, “I guided Jhet there last night, he is safely waiting for you there. I will ensure that no harm comes to him while you recover.” While she recovers? does he seriously expect her to lay around while the pack is calling for her blood? Seeing the confusion/contempt on Kayne’s face her father further explained, “I will shift you to my den where you will be safe. I have a few close friends who wouldn’t dare betray me and they will tend to your wounds. You should be able to leave within the month and don’t worry about Jhet. He is my son and I will not see him harmed again.” Kayne doesn’t know what possessed her but she agreed to his plan. She really didn’t want to trust him but she had no other option.
She spent the next few weeks getting frustrated at her father’s so called friends and all their fussing. Sure she wanted to get better to but she wasn’t fond of all the herbal remedies that were being forced down her throat. On more than one occasion snapping at those trying to help. It’s fair to say that more than one canine was happy to see Kayne get better. As soon as the night came where Kayne could finally leave she waited impatiently for her father to return. It had been some time and Malice still wasn’t there. Kayne dared peek her head out of the den, just as she did her father pushed her back inside. Cursing at her as he did. He busied himself around his den before cautiously walking out of the den and then motioning for Kayne to follow and she did, eager to finally see Jhet again.
They walked for most of the night before they finally reached the border of their territory. Malice then called out for Jhet. But what came into their vision was not Jhet. It was a stranger and they were not alone. Kayne froze. She knew that she was not well enough to risk another encounter, and she couldn’t help but wonder where Jhet was. Her father and the pack exchanged a few words before Jhet suddenly appeared. He was with them? Kayne was beyond confused, were these dogs her father’s friends or were they a rouge pack who had taken Jhet in? Either way they were friendly and Jhet trusted them, that was good enough for her. When she finally calmed down enough she looked over Jhet, he had begun to grow his fur back and his wounds looked so much better. He now looked more like she remembered him. With a few polite words to her father and the pack that had assisted them, she and Jhet then crossed the border into the wastelands. The duo found shelter hard to find and food even harder to find. They were losing condition and struggling to get by. Living off of lizards and anything else they could find. Kayne tried to be strong for her brother as he was still weakened from his kidnapping. The small shelters that they sought refuge in were often too cramped for both of the dogs. As a result, Kayne would often leave the safety of their shelter in the early mornings to go and hunt for some food for her brother. But it wasn’t enough. It wasn’t long before Kayne woke in the middle of the night to hear her brother wheezing. His condition was worsening and no amount of food was helping him. Kayne had tried to find water for him but once again, there was not enough. They stayed in the same spot for a little over three days before her brother finally passed. The event traumatised Kayne and she could no longer stand to live that way. So she set out to find the Ascended, they had conquered this harsh world they live in and she wanted to be a part of it. Kayne spent months in the desert barely surviving and struggling to get by. The death of her brother weighing heavily on her shoulders. She blames herself for his passing, she believes that she could have done more to prevent it. If only she had tried more. She longed to return to the time when she was at her happiest, but she knew that even if she did turn back time and return to when she was but a pup with her siblings the same events would take place and she would wind up where she is now. Instead her mind returned to when she was climbing the ranks in her old pack. She did feel accomplished and that, to Kayne, is similar to happiness. She told herself that she must survive, if not for herself than for her sister and her brother. It was this thought that pushed her through the hardest time in her life. She was barely surviving on whatever insects she could find and the occasional lizard accompanied by the odd dirtied puddle that she drank from.
One day it all was simply too much, she had already begun to perish in the desert. She no longer felt hunger, she no longer felt the hot desert sand scorch her paws and she could no longer remember what she was doing. She just walked aimlessly around, possibly in circles, until she was finally discovered by the Ascended. Partially delirious from the heat she didn’t recognise them and when they approached, she attacked. There was a brief scuffle but Kayne was no match for them and she was shamelessly outnumbered. It was here that her fate was sealed, she was given the ‘mark of the heathens’. She would become one of their slaves.
When she finally recovered from the temporary madness the desert gave her she learnt of the Ascended’s god, Zonje. Upon witnessing the Ascended’s overall power she was in awe, believing that their strength came from this god Zonje. It was then that Kayne decided that it is to this god that she would pray. She was not strong enough for her sister and her brother when they needed her the most, and she will not let that happen again. But the longer she spends with the Ascended, the more power-hungry she becomes. Power always was and always will be her biggest weakness, and she must have it. She will become one of the Ascended and she will be the best. No exceptions.

'Sunder'; A large stationary pack of cannablistic canines. To most they are but whispers, long since lost to the dunes of the wasteland.

= Relationships =
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual Polyamorous
Relationship Status: Single, although she is open to advantageous relationships of any kind (friendships, flings, etc.).

The views and oppinions expressed by Kayne are her own and do not reflect my own views and oppinions on the characters. Please keep this in mind when reading this. Thank you.


1. Sonjeh | Mother | unknown (Grew to Hate)
2. Malice | Father | unknown (Tolerated)
3. Tahn | Sister | dead (Loved)
4. Jhet | Brother | dead (Loved)
5. Bsori | Older Half-Brother | dead (Despised)

.Pack Mates.
1. Sanaa "She is quite timid, and this can get annoying. However, she does have potential."
 Kayne enjoyed the time spent with Sanaa, she found her company quite nice. She finds the females submissive nature rather annoying yet beneficial. Never has she met a canine quite like Sanaa, she recently caught a glimpse of another side of the female and found it quite enticing. If she has her way this side of Sanaa would be shown more regularly.
2. Blaine | "I find out time together... funn."
Kayne wasn't sure of what to think of the dog she would classify as a mouth on legs. She finds the female oddly amusing and she likes how similar she had discovered them to be. Though she feels as though there is one thing that sets them appart, Kayne is willing to do anything to get where she wants to go and, although Blaine states otherwise, Kayne finds it hard to believe that she would do the same. They have struck up a deal that Kayne intends to keep and potentially evolve.

4. Ilsa | "She is oddly enchanting."
 Kayne is in awe when it comes to Ilsa. The female is not only beauty she is brains. She loves the coldness she displays for others as she finds it rather endearing. But it is not only her looks and manerisms that has Kayne intersted, its also her power. The very idea of having that much power sends chills down her spine. What she wouldnt give to be where the Sovereign is, though she has come to believe that she would be happy settling within the aristocracy.

5. Nyx "Ugh.."
The first complete rp between these two is actually their second encounter, during which Nyx bit Kayne's ear. Kayne dispises this female and finds her intolerable. Though they are rather beautiful, she cannot get past their aggression. She knows that she kind of deserved the punishment, but that doesnt mean she has to like it.

6. Murchadh "He has given me nothing to work with..."
Kayne has not strong oppinion of this male. He has done nothing to anger her, but nothing to make him really stand out. She knows he is a warrior due to his paint, and she sees that as beneficial as that is the rank she hopes to enter. However, she would be happy to not see him again but also she wouldnt be displeased if they were to run into eachother at a later date.
Benji | "So, concieted and rude and abrupt... UGH!!"
Kayne was less than pleased after she left the presence of Benji. She felt as though he was beyond rude and insulted her in the worst way imaginable. She took great offense when he dared call her a servant of all things, even though it is true she could not believe he had the gall to voice it. Especially in her presence. Needless to say, she will not go out of her way to hurt/upset Benji but she isnt completely fond of him either. He will be on the recieving end of a few glares here and there.
Killian | "He seems pleasant enought, at least he can listen..."
It surprised Kayne to learn that she enjoyed the males company. Though not much was shared, she felt as though the two had a lot of similarities and that could be most beneficial. His distant nature and unwillingness to share certain information about himself has piqued her interest and she looks forward to learning more about the male.

Sekhmet | Coming Soon
2. Jax | Coming Soon
Jack | Coming Soon
Vatusia | Coming Soon

1. Name | Relationship

= Availability =
Time zone: Australian Eastern Time Zone
Hours Available: any time, I will typically message/reply as soon as I get the notification.
Types of Availability: I don’t mind rping over notes/google docs/forums (if applicable).

Please, no smut.
Character belongs to me for the RP group The Ascended.
Background/Reference Sheet belongs to :icontheascendedrp: .



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